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  • What is WIHA?
    The walk-in hunting access (WIHA) program kicked off in 1995 in an effort to enhance the strong Kansas hunting heritage by providing hunting access to private property. The program has grown to one of the most successful access programs in the country with over 1 million acres enrolled in the program providing countless opportunities for sportsmen to pursue their favorite game at no additional charge. Although the majority of the acreage provides good to excellent upland game bird hunting, some areas provide opportunites for deer, waterfowl and squirrel hunting as well. Landowners receive a modest payment in exchange for allowing public hunting access. Contract dates can be established from September 1 or November 1 through January 31 of each year. In addition, other lands are leased for spring turkey hunting only (April 1- May 31). Land enrolled can be in CRP, native rangeland, wheat or milo stubble and riparian or wetland areas. The area is posted with signs designating it as WIHA, regularly patrolled, and safety zones clearly marked. WIHA program allows for landowners to manage their land as needed. Certian cover types may be manipulated at any time and you may see livestock grazing crops, forages hayed/baled, and ground worked and prepared for planting. Some agreements with landowners stipulate that hunting access be limited until crops are harvested and other may have livestock present on the area. The area is still open for hunting, but precautions should be taken not to harass or injure livestock. You will also want to be aware of tempoary electric fences thaqt often run along the borders of these fields as they can be troublesome for dogs.
  • Will this information lead to over harvesting game in certian areas?
    No, there are no known negative biological effects associated with this type of imformation. The public information provided in this tool is strictly informative and not suggestive. The information gained from this tool does not provide suggestive information about the quality of habitat or amount of game that could be present. We are only identifying what the cover is, and it is up to each individual to make decisions on what they are looking for and where it could be.
  • What area is currently mapped and when will my area be mapped?
    We plan to offer partial coverage of Central and Western Kansas WIHA lands for the Fall 2023 season including areas of the Southern High Plains, as well as the Smoky Hill region. County List of Cop View Data
  • How much will it cost?
    2023 Crop View Data * One Region $50 (+/- Fee's for Apple Device users) * Two Regions $75 (+/- Fee's for Apple Device users) * Statewide Map $100 (+/- Fee's for Apple Device users)
  • How can I join the Field Scout Team?
    If you are intersted in becoming a Field Scout fill out the Contact Us form on the website let let us know what area you are intersted in working in. We can provide details and job description with application.
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